At Wellfield High School we inspirechallenge and nurture all students to make outstanding progress and achieve the highest grades possible throughout their time with us.

All Subject Teachers, Subject Leaders, Progress Managers and members of the Senior Leadership closely monitor the progress of all students and, if a student is failing to make expected progress in a subject or across a number of subjects, targeted intervention is put in place to support and challenge the student.

During Key Stage 4 pupils will receive a grade on their reports, incorporating the new 1-9 number grades in all subjects apart from ICT.

Envelope Grade – This is what students are expected to achieve at the end of the course. This is used to give a good idea of what a pupil should achieve at the end of the course if all the strategies in place with this student are successful. This will use teacher’s professional judgement and experience of how well other similar students have achieved in the past. This data is also used for estimated grades and references.

Progress towards targets is reported to parents through two interim reports and a full report during the year.

New in Key Stage 3:

Assessment Without Levels 

Following the Government’s decision to remove Key Stage 3 National Curriculum Levels (4a, 5b etc), we have been working hard to create a new system for our pupils, and our school.

Our aim has been to create a system that acknowledges all those pupils who work hard, no matter what their ability level is. The system also needed to take account of pupil prior attainment from their Key Stage 3 SATs and their expected progress to GCSE. We were also keen that parents and pupils were better able to compare progress across different subjects. Finally we wanted to be able to identify those pupils who were coasting and needed to receive intervention to help them focus on working harder. We believe we have created a system that will achieve this.

This system has now come into use for all Key Stage 3 Assessments and Reporting to Parents.


  • Students have been placed on one of four different pathways for Key Stage 3: A, B, C, D (D being the most academic pathway)
  • The pathway relates to the levels students achieved in their primary school SATs and also our school assessments
  • The pathways link to their expected GCSE achievement
  • Students have a “whole school pathway” which is included in the letter you have received
  • For certain subjects students may be on a different pathway – their teachers will advise them of this, e.g. a pupil who is talented at PE may have a higher Pathway for this subject.

It is expected that the top 20% currently achieving an A* grade would be awarded a Grade 9.

It is further anticipated that the top third of pupils who will normally achieve a C grade, will receive a grade 5. The remaining two thirds would receive a grade 4.

Some students will achieve higher GCSE Grades than their Key Stage 2 results suggest; the Pathways would not limit this, but would see these students being acknowledged as performing above expectation.


Expected new GCSE Grade

Old GCSE Grade Equivalent